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Sam Webb TEDx NYC
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Key points for Sam Webb. 

  • Sam Webb is an acclaimed actor and the co-founder and former CEO of the mental health charity LIVIN.

  • His co-authored novel “Turning tragedy into Triumph” is inspired by the death of his good friend.

  • He is a TEDx NYC motivational speaker.

  • Sam Webb was recently voted one of Men's Health 26 most influential Men in Health & Fitness.

  • With clients including KPMG, Virgin Australia, HP, and many more, he facilitates mental health conversations in the workplace.

  • A number of Sam's articles have appeared in yahoo news, men's health, men's fitness, and WHO.

Dr. Tim Sharpe- The Happiness Institute

"Thanks to Sam, we now have a movement that’s gaining increasing

momentum and support from thousands of young people

including some high-profile athletes and celebrities."

Colin Noble- KPMG
"Sam’s story is one that everyone needs to hear. The way he shares his tools and processes that anyone can use will empower people to prioritize their mental health to live a better life. Time with Sam is an investment and one my whole team and I will forever be grateful for - it's nothing short of life changing."
Sharnie - CCWF
“Sam was down to earth and spoke honestly about topics that are real and raw. Sam provided the audience with information from his lived experience, and strategies they could take away and use in their own lives. It was a pleasure meeting him and listening to his story.”

I'm Fine: Breaking The Burden Of Mental Illness.

Learning Outcomes.
  • Helping individuals create structure and routine in their personal and professional lives through adaptable planning techniques.

  • The importance of community and connection.

  • Prioritizing emotional management through self-care strategies.

  • How to speak and what to say if you are struggling.

  • Living with a beginners mindset.

  • Building and creating the safest YOU.

  • Developing An Empathic Ear.

  • Breaking the “I’m Fine” mentality and living with integrity.

Building Your Unshakeable 

Learning Outcomes.
  • Developing meaningful goals as a way of stimulating passion and perseverance.

  • Understanding the feedback loop of progress and turning adversity into opportunity.

  • Redefining your relationship with the word “Failure”.

  • Adapting to change and setbacks.

  • The importance of breaking your comfort zone and going big.

  • Building your support crew for success.

Smiling Depression.

Learning Outcomes.
  • Breaking the burden of living in silence.

  • How to start a conversation with someone who may be struggling.

  • Warning signs and symptoms and what to look out for.

  • Understanding the importance of listening and body language.

  • How to ask for help and where to seek help.

  • What not to say to someone who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

  • Debunking the myths around mental health and suicide prevention.

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